About us

INFINITURE is a small workshop in a small country but with great ideas and knowledge. What separates us from others is the attitude towards products. We do not run for quantities, we produce artwork. Serbia is a geographically small country but big in history and wealth. For us this wealth is reflected in a tree from a river that is thousands of years old.

By making furniture for you, in the land of centuries-old forests and rivers, we allow you to feel the spirit of history in your home.

In our workshop with a lot of love and attention we make unique, hand-made furniture as well as modern furniture of perfect design and looks. Every piece that passes through our hands is special, not repeatable and in its own way beautiful.

The materials we use are wood (fossil oak, brest, walnut, ash, beech, poplar …), glass, epoxy resin, river rock, metal, onyx etc.

Accent is placed on a tree from a river that has been hidden for centuries and when nature decides it, reveals it from the depths of our rivers and gives us a blessing as well as a great opportunity and, above all, the responsibility to properly use it and install it in our furniture. We try to make furniture from such a tree that will make the tree even more authentic in its natural surroundings.

At the request of the purchaser, we can examine the age of the tree from the river that is working in a certified laboratory and whose certificate gives your furniture a personal identity.

In addition to the production of tables, our workshop also produces other furniture: beds, chests, shelves, cabinets, bathroom sinks and other furniture.

We constantly expand the range of products and strive to fulfill as much as possible the requirements and wishes of our customers.

Give us your trust and we will return you with something unique, original and not repeatable …..